Nike Sports Bra

Agency Producer for Creative Concepting, Strategic Oversight and Pre-Production 
Creative Agency: R/GA London

A somewhat taboo subject, Nike set out to educate teens and women on the importance of wearing a good quality sports bra, along with the overall health and performance benefits that come with it. Teaming up with pro Nike athletes, various pieces of content were created discussing sports bra experiences, myths and questions. Topics were discussed openly and candidly, positioning Nike as the go-to place for everything bra.

“Georgie was a breath of fresh air at RGA. She was a Producer who knew how to feed back on creative in a constructive, passionate and informed manner. Her opinions were always culturally spot on as she directed and controlled team reviews with sharp insight. However, the most valuable element of Georgie’s input was how she was never fazed by the combination of a low budget and a very over ambitious piece of creative. She knew how to be resourceful with a budget, never telling us that things were out of range, but instead quietly working away to make the impossible possible.

Add onto that her huge, infectious energy as an excited member of the team who clearly really loved her job and it is clear to see how she quickly became the driving force of the vast, Nike Sports Bra project we worked on together.” 

                                                                                    - Laura Randall (Creative Director, Nike - R/GA)