Hey there!

My name’s Georgie, I’m a Producer based in Sydney. I currently work with the legends at FutureDeluxe. Prior to this I was working at BUCK as an Animation Producer, R/GA London as a Producer/ Project Manager and Saatchi and Saatchi as a TV Producer. 

I produce jobs big and small, previously working on high-end live action, animation, VFX and design campaigns. I also have experience with online and social content, digital, experiential and tech innovation projects. Creativity and craft is my focus. Most importantly, I really love what I do.

My hobbies include ceramics, power-napping and correctly guessing the briefcases on Deal Or No Deal. I’m also passionate about travel, animals, making cool work and my all-time idol, Shania Twain. 

The best way to learn about me is to watch a year in the life of me, featuring the people, places and things that make me, me!

Hope to talk to you soon!